Much more than an application service provider, since 1994 our team has focused on employment agencies and career sites. A Recruiting Partnership with is the best way to position your company for the future.

With us, your overall recruiting strategy can includes things like recruitment advertising, job fairs, employment website design, creating third-party relationships, etc. is your one-stop-shopping provider for all of these needs.  The following are a few things to remember about how, can help your company excel in the competition for top talent.  

ProfessionalJobBoards  can get your site up-and-running in as little as 14 days. ProfessionalJobBoards is also extremely easy to use, resulting in a high degree of utilization and success.

Total Software Solution

ProfessionalJobBoards is the most comprehensive recruiting system available. Other software vendors concentrate solely on the back-office portion of recruiting - leaving communication with the job seeking community up to clunky export technology. Utilizing our long-term experience in the job-board market, our design team creates an employment site for your company that is directly integrated into your recruiters' ProfessionalJobBoards system - providing the single most efficient and cost-effective venue.

In-House Graphical Design Shop combines our employment site expertise with top creative talent to offer your company web design services at highly competitive rates.

Site Startup Options
ProfessionalJobBoards  will assist you with your site startup needs including financing, database population marketing, public relations, creating third-party partnerships, and many other options. 

Marketing & Consulting
Our Professional Services team provides pre- and post-implementation consulting to assist your company with change management and strategic planning for recruiting. Our methodology will help you utilize our efficient 'In House Agency.' You will also be able to leverage our knowledge base compiled through our industry-leading clients in order to achieve best practice levels of recruiting effectiveness.
With each jobboard purchased we offer you:

Daily Leads of employers posting Jobs on other JobBoards on the Internet. Not from jobboards created by ProfessionalJobBoards 

A professional calling service that will call all of these leads for you and forward the interested employers directly to you.

Access to hundreds of Independent Sales Representatives to help sell your services.

The ability to populate your jobboard with millions of resumes.

The ability to automatically cross post each of your jobs to thousands of jobboards and websites.

Unlimited postings of your jobs to

A customized affiliate program

Bulk E-mail Software

Press releases created and released by a Public Relations firm.

Advertising Management

Aggressive advertising across all lines of media

Submission of your site to search agents.


Site Content Providers

Web Customizing

Career Site Marketing Consultants

Salary Survey Providers

Employment Validation Providers

Personality Assessment Providers 

Job and Resume Scraping Companies

Job and Resume Cross Posting Providers

Bulk Job Import Options and Providers

Resume Import Providers

Resume Distribution Providers

Resume Scanning Companies

Career Site Indexes/Portals

Media Streaming Options

Job Fair Providers

We can inform you what technologies and services are being offered in the industry and how to stay competitive.


Maintenance & Hosting
Stability, Speed, and Service are the three words that best describe our Network, Datacenter, and Infrastructure Support Team.  Our team was founded on the premise that it is possible to give consistently outstanding service, at rates that make doing business easy. We have proven this to be true time, and time again with our dedicated server support.                           

Technical Support

Call us any time, day or night, and you will be instantly connected with our top analysts    who are there solely for the purpose of making your life easier. What do you need? We can provide it. From the difficult task of building and configuring a custom load balanced cluster that you needed 'yesterday'; to helping you troubleshoot a simple email issue. (press here for more information). 

Customer Service

Our customer service team is the world-wide leader in customer-focused hosting solutions. We are absolutely committed to providing the best and most complete customer service available.  Regardless of whether you contact us via the phone, email, or live chat, our support team is completely committed to providing you with the highest possible quality of support. Contact our friendly, helpful customer service and support 24x7x365 by toll-free phone, email, and live chat  support!          

ProfessionalJobBoards has been designed by experienced recruiters for recruiters and entrepreneurs. Though much of the graphics and layout of your site is controlled by you in your administration section, if you need any custom programming our programmers can assist you quickly.
The end result is that really works at what it's supposed to do: allow recruiters to identify and hire the best people before they can even consider another offer, and allow entrepreneurs with a full featured profitable jobboard.